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I'm a Mechatronics Engineer specializing in Embedded Software for Autonomous solutions with a strong controls background.

I thrive in open ended projects, and working under pressure in fast paced environments. I have completed multiple internships where I took lead to drive the projects forward. I'm looking for a full time opportunity where I can help create elegant solutions to complex problems that make a difference.

As a Mechatronics Engineer, technology is the center of my interest. I love to explore and build new technology. I have taken classes in autonomous techonology, controls and machine learning which sparked great interest in those areas. However, fundamentally people are what matters to me, I create things that improve the lives of those around me.

Name : Pavel Shering
Email : pshering@edu.uwaterloo.ca
Interest : Autonomous Robotics, Neuromorphic Technology, Space Robotics, Medical Robotics, Human Diagnostics, Autonomous Vehicles






Software Engineer @ apple

Cupertino, CA
May 2020 - Present

Embedded QA Engineer @ ecobee

Toronto, ON
May 2019 - Mar 2020
Machine Learning model development, along with ecobee device family feature verification.
  • Developed a extreme gradient boost classifier for initial steps of cold start schedule personalization using scikit learn and SHAP
  • Developing a DeepFeedForward NN for the above problem in Tensorflow 2.0
  • Worked in a cross-functional agile environment to gather user's requirements to develop necessary Test plans, Test Cases, and Test scripts
  • Developed automation infrastructure for end to end verification of various smart thermostat features (ie eco+, tcp packet sniffing with Wireshark and scapy, WiFi debugging, firmware modifications)

Embedded Software Developer @ nymi

Toronto, ON
May 2018 - Sept 2018
Embedded software developement for an enterprize, BLE, bio-authentication wearable.
  • Independently developed a system test framework adapting Pytest
  • Developed an internal automatic firmware updater multithreaded application using Python
  • implemented low power (hibernation) state for the BLE wearable band
  • Created variety of engineering tools to help with development ie, Jenkins autodownloads and encryption analysis
  • Prepared multiple performace benchmark studies evaluating NymiBand features
  • Diagnosed and solved a variety of bugs leading to increased performance across different systems

System Verification & Infrastructure Engineer @ Tesla

Palo Alto, CA
May 2017 - Sept 2017
Firmware test development for the high voltage system and related components.
  • Developed component behaviour requirements and specifications for the Model 3
  • Developed automated system level charging tests using Python, and Robot Framework to support Model 3 launch
  • Analyzed CAN traces using PCAN Explorer & CANape finding component and system issues

Sensors SQA Engineer @ apple

Cupertino, CA
Sep 2016 – Dec 2016
Prototype developement and fixture design for various iOS sensors.
  • Independently designed, assembled and assessed fixtures to test hall effect and magnetometer sensors with Siemens NX
  • Developed a Python firmware API to interface with the test fixtures
  • Designed prototypes for various sensor mechanisms in specific applications

Embedded Software Developer @ nymi

Toronto, ON
Jan 2016 – Apr 2016
Embedded software developement for a BLE, ECG based authentication wearable.
  • Independently developed a unit test harness adapting Unity test framework using C and Python
  • Developed a python module for the unit test harness that integrates into BuildBot
  • Simulated the Nymi Band on desktop operating systems to decrease build and test times for developers

R & D Engineer @ Postalgia Ink

Thornhill, ON
May 2015 – Aug 2015
Prototype development for a robotic system that mimics human writting on a mass scale.
  • Rapidly iterated a prototype belt drive system with SolidWorks, AutoCad and water jet cutting
  • Designed auto calibration mechanism for an actuator with an OEM pressure sensor and SolidWorks
  • Used Tesseract Google OCR Engine to translate images to text with Java

System Verification Engineer @ AirBus DS Communications

Gatineau, QC
Sep 2014 – Dec 2014
Test developement and software verfication of emergency software.
  • Developed automated tests for 911 emergency software in Robot Python, reducing test time from 8 hr to 20 min
  • Gained experience with CodeCollaborator, JIRA, and Perforce through code reviews

Mechanical Engineer @ Fluidigm (formerly DVS Sciences)

Markham, ON
Jan 2014 – Apr 2014
Mechanical design and manufacturing of a cooling system for a mass cytometer system with time of flight capabilities.
  • Designed and performed various plasma dissipation tests on a cooling system with CATIA V5
  • Developed a heat plate as a testing tool for power dissipation


Certification in Artificial Intelligence | University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

Toronto, ON
Sept 2019 - Aug 2020

BASc in Mechatronics Engineering | University of Waterloo

Waterloo, ON
Sept 2013 - May 2018

I have studied Mechatronics Engineering with elective specialization in software and controls.

Significant Tech Courses
  • ECE 406: Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • ECE 459: Programming for Performance
  • MTE 544: Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • ECE 493: Autonomous Vehicles
  • MTE 420: Power Electronics & Motor Drives
Significant Controls Courses
  • MTE 360: Automatic Control Systems
  • ECE 484: Digital Control Applications
  • ECE 488: Multivariable Control Systems

Certificate in Theoretical Physics | Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

Waterloo, ON
June 2012 - Aug 2012
  • Studied cutting edge theoretical physics such as: superstring theory, quantum computing and dark matter
  • Solved mathematical problems required to perform various physics labs
  • Performed detailed presentation on derivation of AdS_n geodesic and apply the concept to AdS_3 geometry to show the shape of a soap film hanging from a circular wire
  • Toured the SNO Lab and learned about the different experiments that are currently in place


Software Development

Experienced with implementations of complex algorithms for various applications. From multithreaded updater for the Nymi Band to simulating robotic arms in MATLAB.

System Automation

Took part in automation of the high voltage system level tests for the Model 3 launch and automated 911 emergency software tests at AirBus DS Communications.

Test Fixture Design

Independently designed and developed mechanical fixtures at Apple to test iOS sensors, later presenting the designs and finished products to executives.

Software Performance Optimization

Have experience with Valgrind tools for debugging and profiling code. Able to use Open MP, multithreading, curl non blocking IO, Open CL, and more.


Anything from 3D print prototyping to creating metal components on a mill. Well versed in the machine shop and comfortable with woodworking tools.

Test Architecture Design

Independently designed and implemented a unit and system testing frameworks at Nymi for nightly build validation.

Language Skills



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