World Map

Category : Art / Woodworking
Completion : December 2017
Role : Creator
Tools : Machining Tools

This piece was made for my parents as a Chirstmas gift. The idea behind it is to remind them of how much they moved around; mostly because they had to and less so because they wanted to. Techically the project is not completely finished yet, I am still searching for the correct color string to fill in their path around the world. I hope to encourage them to travel more for there curiousity now that my sister and I are finished university.

The base is a 1 3/4 x 20 x 48 inch pine board sanded for a manual esspresso stain. The board is stained on every side with 5 layers each to dry before the next stain. Next, a printed accordly scaled world map is printed on paper and taped to the board. After which the image is nailed with 1 inch nails to 1/2 inch height with a help of a 1/2 wood block. Each nail (that is not a stand alone island) is wrapped with twisted white nylon rope.

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