Credit to Waterloo Formula Electric for producing the video.

Waterloo Formula Hybrid / Electric

Category : Engineering
Completion : January 2014 - May 2018
Role : Core Team Member
Tools : MATLAB | SolidWorks | C | STM32 | STLink | Machining Tools

Waterloo Formula Electric is a team of highly motivated and passionate students from the University of Waterloo located in Ontario, Canada. We compete in the Formula SAE electric race car competition where we compete against universities from around the world. Each season, the team is tasked with developing a new vehicle from the ground up. This multidisciplinary project is no small task, but we love what we do and are committed to learning and developing as future professionals. We come from many faculties within engineering as well as business, and strive for excellence every day.

I started on the mechanical team where I manufactured the chain tensioners and helped create a carbon fibber accumulator inclosure for the 2015 vehicle. I quickly transitioned into the Firmware team in 2015 where I co-designed the DCU (Driver Control Unit) and programmed the STM daugther board for necessary functionality for the 2016 vehicle. In the next two years I transitioned into more of a mentorship role where I got new members of the firmware team setup with the team and made presentations for explaining various Architecture concepts as well as getting them set up with the programming environment. I futher helped debug any issues during development and kept track of progress.

Career Highlights
Download 2016 DCU Design
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