Mechatronics Design Project

Category : Engineering / Design
Completion : January - May 2017
Role : Manufacturing and Testing Lead
Tools : MATLAB | SolidWorks | C++ | Arduino

The purpose of the project is to design and build a device to go over a ‘mountain range’ in order to conduct a search and rescue (S&R) mission and deliver supplies to the lost party. The size of the device is limited such that it can be lifted and carried by one person. Dimensions of the device are limited to 0.6 m x 0.6 m x 0.6 m. The dimensions of the search and rescue site are expected to be 2.4 m (8 feet) wide by 4.8 m (16 feet) long. The length will be bisected by a ‘mountain range’ that is 0.9 m (3 feet) high.

The device has to be autonomous within the constraints of the project and controlled with an ATmega2560 microcontroller (for example: Arduino Mega2560 microcontroller). The device is not permitted to pass over the boundaries and it is not permitted to go around the mountains. The device must deliver a “package of supplies” to the lost party; this “package” will be supplied by the teaching team.

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