Two Link Arm Simulation

Category : Engineering / Controls
Completion : January - March 2018
Role : Co - Developer
Tools : MATLAB

The project goal is to design a controller for a horizontal planar elbow robot manipulator. The robot must start at point A, move to B, C to D and finally back to A without the end affector colliding with the environment. From point to point, the oscillations must die down to less than 1mm in 0.5 seconds before continuing the trajectory. The overall mass of the robot is limited to exactly 0.75kg, the link lengths can be arbitrary with provided materials {Aluminum, Titanium, Steel, Gold} as long as the mass constaint is satisfied.

The joints of the robot contain friction which depends on the link material. As well, there could be up to a 10% effective change in the last link due to end effector variations. This mass of the first link will be adjusted so the total mass stays the same. Thus robustness of the controller is a must due to modelling uncertanties. There is also small noise at the joints (Gaussian distributed with mean of zero and standard deviation of a third of a degree). The robot only has measurements of the joint angles. There are no sensors on the robot for measuring joint velocities.

The project is done as a competition to design a controller to minimize the time for task completion and at the same time minimize the energy utilized to perform the trajectory. The designed controller is simulated using MATLAB and scored 4th overall in the class.

Download Design Docs
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