Tealight Candle Box

Category : Art / Woodworking
Completion : December 2017
Role : Creator
Tools : Machining Tools

The candle box was inspired by my S.O and was made as a Chirstmas gift. The idea was to light it whenever she was cold. This project would have been significatly simpler and more accurate if done on a lazer cutter, however, due to its unavailaiblity at the time all the cutting was done manually.

Its a 15 x 15 x 15 cm box, with puzzle piece connection structure. All six faces are sanded together and the puzzle connective cutouts are made to be pressfit. Each face then got a hand drawn illustartion which was cut out with through hole saw to create unique light projections. The final box was esspresso stained and a 1.5 inch diameter tealight hole is drilled in the bottom face to pressfit the candle.

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