Progress in Failure

There are a lot of people I look up to, one being Will Smith

Never underestimate the pain of a person, because in all honesty, everyone is struggling. Some people are better at hiding it than others.
-- Will Smith

Its been a couple of months now since my last post. I thought I wouldn't post until I secure a full time job. However, yesterday I had an interview for my dream job at a Google X company and today I received a rejection letter. Its hard to explain what that feels like. For those that know me personally, know that it hasn't been the easiest few years (more on that in future posts) but I am sure everyone is struggling, but for some its harder to realize that they are not alone.

Failure is progress … even if you feel absolutely defeated, turns out that is what keeps pushing you forward.

I take rejection very personally. Whether its a rejection from GOAT (Elite Ultimate Club from Toronto), then it feels like an attack on my physical ability and game IQ or rejection from Google X which feels like an attack on my intelligence. Luckily, my perseverance doesn't let me give up. Don't get me wrong, the thought crosses my mind. How can it not after applying to nearly 100 companies in the Bay and achieving a 100% rejection rate. Upon I receiving feedback from the interviewer, it turns out that I left a very positive impression; I hope that our paths will cross again.

Though I fail so much, perseverance toward my dream doesn't let me give up. I know that my Ultimate career is not over until I play at least one year on an Elite or Professional team. As I know that I will not let go of the dream to get a full time job that aligns with my vision: to effect positive change on the world. Whether it will be innovation in medical diagnostics or autonomous technology.

I have to prove that I am the right candidate because I won't give up. Now I have the chance to prove it in California at Google HQ in mid December.


Pavel Shering | Author

Mechatronics Engineer