Initial Commit

Hello there,
I am finally on the last stretch of finishing my website. I will be slowly adding more functionality to the blog posts for people to reply and comment on them when I am finished preparing for interviews.

The idea behind these blog posts will be to find out more about me, whether its high technical detail on a project, a travel adventure or something personal.

Hope you enjoy my journey, I will be talking about the future, present and the past.

The start of my story begins in Toronto.

I just graduated from University of Waterloo and began my summer with working at a start-up called Nymi in downtown Toronto. I took the 4 month contract in hopes of playing for Toronto Rush professional sports team and start my masters at University of Toronto. Although both of those goals did not quite turn out, I played for the development team called Roy and qualified for Nationals (Canadian Ultimate Championships).

Right now I am taking my time recovering from my first major concussion I got in the beginning of the summer as well as starting to scope out the candidates for my full time employment. I started exploring the idea of working remotely, however, there is something about the fact of having a work place and semi permanent place to live. I moved a lot during undergrad and even more before I immigrated to Canada. Right now I am not in any rush to leave, although I constantly wake up with the feeling to resolve my indefinite plans


Pavel Shering | Author

Mechatronics Engineer